About Me

Welcome! My name is Judah Goldfeder, and I am a Phd student in the Creative Machines Lab at Columbia University, where I am fortunate to be advised by Hod Lipson, and to be a part of the AI Institute in Dynamic Systems, generously funded by the NSF. I am also a Student Researcher at Google AI, and a Research Consultant for Dicta.

Research Interests

I am interested in most aspects of Artificial Intelligence, but some of the topics that interest me most are Reinforcement Learning, Algorithmic Game Theory, Multi-agent AI, Unsupervised Representation Learning, Multi-Task Learning and Geometric Learning. While we are quite far away from any form of AGI, I think these topics are all leading in that direction, which is part of why I find them so exciting.


Previously, I was a Machine Learning Intern at Facebook AI Research, where I worked on applying Transformers to Graph Neural Networks at scale. I was also a Machine Learning intern at Twitter, where I worked on improving production ads models. Before that, I was a Machine Learning intern at Google AI, where I worked on applying Reinforcement Learning to improve HVAC systems. I also interned at Learn Ventures, an innovative education startup, where I worked on Reinforcement Learning as well as protein folding. I also was a research intern at Bar Ilan University, where I worked with Hillel Kugler on using formal verification to predict gene interaction in cells.